Our Methods
Over the eighteen years of painting exteriors in San Francisco, we've learned a lot. From this experience, we've developed a set of best practices tuned to the city's unique weather patterns and the special requirements of Victorian and Edwardian construction.
Containment: We enclose homes in nets and plastic to eliminate lead contamination and provide protection from weather in the winter. We work with clients to minimize inconvenience and make entrance and exit into their home as easy as possible. More >>>
Sanding and Stripping: During this project phase, we remove old paint using a combination of sanding, scraping and stripping to create a smooth surface for paint application. The amount of time we spend on this phase is balanced by budget and aesthetic considerations. More >>>
Carpentry: We rebuild window frames, stair railings, newel posts that have dry rot. For full scale restorations, we also design and install moldings and shingle patterns. More >>>
Priming and Caulking: We use a mix of primers, epoxy and caulking to create a strong, weather proof layer between the building surface and the paint. More >>>
Painting: During this final phase, we use a combination of spraying, brushing and rolling to apply high-quality, full-spectrum paints in unique color combinations designed by us. More >>>
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