Our Methods: Priming and Chaulking
San Francisco construction is exposed to moisture and harsh direct sunlight throughout the year. In both summer and winter, weather in the city is rarely clear for more than 10 days at a time. These constantly shifting conditions break down paint on all exterior surfaces, from stucco to wood to metal.
To minimize impact of exterior elements and maximize the life of a paint job, we use a mix of primers, epoxy and caulking formulated to withstand both sunlight and moisture. These materials provide a layer between the final paint and the building surface and fill in nail holes, spaces between windows and walls and areas where metal meets wood, for example. We constantly evaluate new materials to ensure that we're using the latest and best-quality products for our clients.
Priming 1
A home during the priming and caulking phase. Light green areas show where an
exterior epoxy filler has been used to fill in voids and create a completely smooth surface.